RISE: A Main Street Community

Through Adversity, We Choose to RISE

Just a little under 5 months ago, as the pandemic began to hit our area of the world hard, when much of the conversation (rightfully) was focused on respiratory illness & inflammatory response, necessary precautions and distancing requirements, the world began to shift focus from thriving to surviving. We knew we had a different kind of marathon on the road ahead. As a team, our focus also shifted quickly...from one that focused on a rewarding Main Street race experience to one that emphasized connectedness...personal engagement...and resilient fitness.

Never in our lives has it been more important to be fit, strong and mentally and physically sharp...aka...a runner. But there's just one problem...the things we typically rely on to keep us a runner (races, clubs, personal relationships, community, our short term goals) have been forced to change...some for the better, some...not so much.

And so we have a choice...put our head down and pretend it's not happening.... hold out hope that a vaccine is around the corner and races (like Main Street) will go on as planned...or we'll wake up and it'll all just go away. OR, we can stand up...accept it for what it is...control what we can control...and make the most of the opportunity as it's been presented.

We choose to RISE.

What is RISE?

RISE is a private, virtual, runner-centric social media channel / platform with goals of bringing the entire local running community together onto one "channel" and increased communication,  support and overall engagement with like-minded folks on similar athletic journeys.  
Participants will be provided strength & fitness coaching & instruction (both LIVE and recorded) from certified strength & conditioning specialists (CSCS), injury triage as needed from an on-call physio (licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy) for when the inevitable tweak occurs, discounts at and access to the professional staff at JackRabbit Sports & Garmin for insights on appropriate gear, and VIP status at our 2021 races (discounts and other perks that will add up to be more than the current $70 registration fee for RISE).  And of course, if you're starting to come to know us through the Historic HUNTerdon, or other....... there will be more than a few surprises, challenges, "Underground" races, and fun we'll throw your way!
If you're more of a bullet-list type and skipped the paragraph above, In RISE - Season 1, members (hint, if you registered for the original 2020 race, you're already a member...if you didn't, register now) will receive private access to 6 months of:
  • Customized Strength & Conditioning: both live instruction and programmed content available exclusively to members.
  • Visit the Coach's Corner: ever wish you had a resource that could help with your planning and progression? You're not alone... especially now! RISE coaches will be available for regular Q&A.
  • On-Call Physio: are you one of the 50-80% of runners who get injured every year? Wouldn't it be great to have a PT you could call if you tweak something? RISE together...save a copay (or many) and allow our team to help keep you on the road!
  • Gear & Reviews: a fan of Garmin products like watches and HR monitors? RISE members will get 20% off and insights into the latest and greatest of what's to come.
  • VIP Status in 2021: when we get back to racing, you'll have the best discount available for any of our events.
  • Shoe-lovers Rejoice!: thanks to our partnership with JackRabbit, members will receive 15% off and access to professionals who can help with the perfect fit.
  • Glory hound?: Not to worry...membership includes TWO "Rise to Glory" challenges...1 mile up...a perfect pre and post test to see just how far you've come as you prepare to peak for spring 2021. And of course, there will be swag for this!
  • Fun For Foodies: we'll have nutrition covered too....thanks to our partnerships with Hunterdon Medical Center, ShopRite and Basil Bandwagon we'll have everything from professional guidance (dietitians) to recipes and cooking shows.
  • And of course: some of the typical hi-jinx you expect from this crew and the communities we live in...
Our goal is simple...bring together...keep together...and CRUSH 2021. It's time to RISE to to the challenge...we can't wait to be there every step of the way, and share in the glory that awaits!

IMPORTANT! You MUST register for both the Community and BOTH Rise To Glory Challenges. During registration, you will see that The Community has the fee associated with it and RTG Challenges will be $0. Be sure to complete registration for all 3 items at the time of purchase.