Bringing it back home!

There was a time when road races were intimate.  Small groups of committed athletes worked hard and pushed themselves toward the achievement of something significant.  Although there have always been plenty of characters, it was never about the costume.  Although the pay-off of a new personal best was significant and long lasting, it was never about the prizes.

Likewise, there was a time when Main Street was literally the main street; when local shopkeepers knew you and genuinely meant it when they thanked you for your business.  Although there were plenty of treasures to be found if you looked, a personal referral meant something.  Yes, there was a time when running a race was about the real people involved and the towns that hosted and cheered them on.

We think it’s about time to bring those groups back together – Welcome to the Main Street Half Marathon of Hunterdon, NJ.  We look forward to celebrating with you on October 13, 2019.


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