Hunterdon Course

THE HUNTERDON COURSEOver the river, through some woods and past at least one grandmother’s house (we’re almost sure of it) you’ll go…..after all, what else would you expect from a Small Town affair?The point to point course starts on the west end of Main Street in Historic Clinton, NJ on the bridge that overlooks one

Underground Race Project

Underground Race Project: Historic HUNTerdonIn the spring of 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic brought road racing to a stand still. Large gatherings were deemed no longer safe and runners were left hungry. But a new movement arose led by Hunterdon mainstay Main Street Marathon. Known by locals as the Underground Race Project, small bands of responsibly


RISE: A Main Street CommunityThrough Adversity, We Choose to RISEJust a little under 5 months ago, as the pandemic began to hit our area of the world hard, when much of the conversation (rightfully) was focused on respiratory illness & inflammatory response, necessary precautions and distancing requirements, the world began to shift focus from thriving