Head For The Hills!

Get right to the runs: Run #1: Rise To Glory   Run #2: Pine Hill Road   Run #3: Pine Hill Road #2   Run #4: Alfalfa Hill Road Run #5: Uhlerstown Hill Road (Bucks County)      Run #6: Cherryville-Stanton Road Run #7: Bridgeton Hill Road (Bucks County)   Run #8: Stanton Mountain Road Follow on YouTube to see the routes. Subscribe to the

Hunterdon Sponsorship

A Celebration of Health. An Investment In Community.Join us & 3,000+ Locals as we tackle a worthy causeBy supporting the MSHM, sponsors are presented with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their carefor a worthy cause, commitment to their community, and support of local youth and healthy lifestyle by:supporting events that promote community health & well-being

Hunterdon Registration

REGISTRATIONHalf MarathonREGISTER FOR HALFMain Street Half Marathon of Hunterdon – start small, finish strong…when did road races stop being about running and the small communities that they traveled through? We’re bringing it back old school…in celebration of sport…health, community, and small town!Traversing through beautiful Hunterdon, NJ, past babbling brooks, bountiful vineyards, and tremendous hometown cheer…

Hunterdon Team Challenge

THE MSHM TEAM CHALLENGE!The Main Street Half Marathon of Hunterdon (MSHM) supports groups that make their members’ health and fitness a priority. To compliment or jump-start your team, we make it easy for folks to make strides in their overall health and well-being.Being Healthy Makes “Cents”“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”  We